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The Premier Carpet Cutter

Stand Up and Cut Like a Pro!

Premier Carpet Cutter Side View
Premier Carpet Cutter Front View
Premier Carpet Cutter

Manual or Power-Assisted

The Carpet Puller, Inc. was created in 2023 with the purpose of designing and producing tools that will assist in reducing workplace injuries due to over exertion and muscle strain. Our Premier 2000 Carpet Pulling System took almost 3 years to patent. During that time, we developed our Premier Carpet Cutter.

Premier Carpet Cutter back View
Premier 2000 Carpet Puller
Premier Carpet Pulling system


One of the main reasons we created our line of carpet removal products is the more than 5 billion pounds of carpeting winding up in our landfills each year instead of being recycled. One reason more carpet is not being recycled is the way it is collected. Small strips bind up recyclers' machines, which need carpet in 4 to 6 foot strips. Commercial carpeting is glued down with such a sticky glue that it takes a powerful machine to pull it up. The Premier Carpet Cutter helps cut the carpet into usable strips easily and still meet the requirements for recycling. What contractors don't want to cut manually can be done almost effortlessly with our powerful pulling base.

But what about homes?

Homes with a basement have a cold, hard cement floor. Many home owners have carpeting glued down to make the cement floor softer. The carpet will someday have to be removed. Our cutter can be used to cut the carpet into manageable strips and easily removed.

DIY enthusiasts, look for us at local tool rental departments. Professionals, look for us in your local supply store. You will be pleased with our quality and price!

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