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Premier Carpet Cutter - Customer Discovery

It has been a long and exciting adventure. We are almost to the finish line with our new Premier Carpet Cutter. This new cutter will be a staple in any carpet layer's tool box. Heavy-duty and contractor-friendly, this cutter can be used either manually or with our powerful power-assisted pulling base.

No more crawling around on your hands and knees just to cut a few inches. Even the current standup cutter just has you push and shove only to cut a few feet. Not anymore!

Now it can be just the push of a button. Our patent-pending design is a game changer when it comes to carpet removal. Combine our new cutter with our powerful pulling base and diverter pad and make removing carpet a breeze.

Help us help you! We need some special people willing to step up and answer a few questions, so we can build a better cutter for you. Please drop us a line - we have a few questions we would like to ask you. Thank you!

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