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Welcome to Premier Carpet Cutter! Discover professional, precision-engineered carpet cutting tools designed for today's flooring experts. Your solution for durability and versatility awaits.

The Premier Carpet Cutter

Saves Time -- Saves Labor -- Saves Money

Welcome to Premier Carpet Cutter, the future of flooring solutions. Our Premier Stand-Up Carpet Cutter embodies innovation, precision, and performance. May be used manually or with a powerful pulling base, like our Premier 2000 Carpet Puller. You can tackle any carpet job with our adjustable features and ergonomic design. Upgrade your experience with our cost-effective, high-quality tools. Join the revolution today.

Carpet Cutter with Pulling Base and Diverter Pad
Premier Carpet Cutter - left side image
Image of the Premier Carpet Cutter
prototype of the Premier Carpet Puller
Premier 2000 Carpet Puller
Premier Carpet Cutter with the Premier 2000 Carpet Pulling System
Quick Connect Hand Clamps
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Premier Pup Carpet Puller


The Premier 2000 Carpet Puller

Choose one of our carpet pullers and unlock a world of efficiency, precision, and versatility. Trust in our commitment to delivering innovative solutions that exceed expectations. Upgrade your carpet removal  experience with our reliable, advanced, and high-quality tools today.

The Premier 2000 Carpet Puller and the Premier Pup revolutionize the carpet removal process. The patented design includes 2- Quick Connect Hand Clamps as well as the highly anticipated Diverter Pad. Their heavy-duty, contractor-friendly design tackles thousands of yards of carpet effortlessly. The Premier line of carpet pullers minimizes physical effort, saving you time, labor, and money on any carpet removal job.

Check out our Quick Connect Hand Clamps for fast and easy carpet puller connection. Unlike current methods, our Quick Connect Hand Clamps connect with just a click!

Stand Up and Cut Like a Pro

Our ergonomic carpet cutters are thoughtfully designed with comfort in mind, featuring adjustable handles and intuitive controls for easy operation. With our time-saving and efficient carpet cutters, you can accomplish your projects with greater speed and efficiency, maximizing your productivity.

We take pride in offering professional-grade carpet cutters that exhibit outstanding precision, ensuring clean and accurate cuts every time. Their versatile nature allows you to tackle a wide range of carpet types and thicknesses effortlessly, giving you the flexibility you need for various scenarios.

The Premier Carpet Cutter
premier carpet cutter
Premier Carpet Cutter
The Premier Carpet Cutter with Pulling Base and Weighted Diverter Pad
Stand up cutting with the Premier Carpet cutter
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